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Paragraph on A Railway Platform

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Question: Write a paragraph about ‘A Railway Platform‘ by answering the questions below.

  1. What is a railway platform?
  2. What happens when the time for the coming of a train is near?
  3. What is there in a big railway station?
  4. What happens when a train comes and leaves?

Answer: A railway platform is a place where a train stops for taking and leaving passengers. Passengers get on and get down from the trains at a railway station. It is the busiest place. When the time for corning of a train is near, the passengers rush towards the platform and anxiously look for the train again and again. In a big railway station, there is a big shed on the platform. Temporary book stalls and tea stalls are found on a railway platform. The porters are found carrying luggage and hawkers are found selling things. The waiting rooms, the booking office, and the ticket counter are adjacent to the railway platform. A railway platform becomes very busy when a tram arrives but becomes quiet when it leaves.

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