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Paragraph on A Fish Market

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Question: Write a paragraph about A Fish Market’ by answering the questions below.

  1. How is a fish market?
  2. What do the customers do?
  3. What types of men are the fish sellers?
  4. What makes the fish market the most noisy place?
  5. What can not the customers avoid?’

Answer: A fish market is a very important part of the market. It attracts a large number of customers every day. People flock to the fish market. It is the most noisy and clumsy part of the market. The fishmongers demand higher prices for their fish. Customers find no way to start haggling. The fishmongers are very clever people. They generally demand more than double the prices they would ultimately accept for their fish. The haggling continues between the customers and the fishmongers. This makes the fish market the most noisy place. But still, people can not avoid rushing toward the fish market. Because fish is the only protein food that all the Bangalees like to eat with rice.

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