Quiz About Universe – Short Question & Answer

Question: What is the universe?

Answer: The vast infinite body having millions of galaxies in space.

Question: How old is the Universe?

Answer:15 Billion.

Question: Where is the center of the Universe?

Answer: It has no center.

Question: What fraction of the mass of the universe is ordinary, like hydrogen and helium?


Question: How many stars are in a typical galaxy?

Answer:100 Billion.

Question: What is the temperature of the Universe today?

Answer:3º Kelvin.

Question: Who made the discovery of the expansion of the Universe?

Answer: Edwin Hubble.

Question: Hubble law states that

Answer:v = H˳r.

Question: What does the Hubble constant H˳ mean?

Answer: The expansion rate of the universe.

Question: Quasars are the brightest objects in the universe. What does has their energy come from?

Answer: Matter falling into a black hole.

Question: How many galaxies are in a typical cluster?


.Question: The biosphere is divided into-

Answer: Lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere.

Question: Lithosphere consists of-

Answer: Rocks and minerals

Question: Atmosphere-

Answer: Acts as a blanket surrounding the earth.

Question: Inorganic matter is –

Answer: humus

Question: Which is the closest planet?

Answer: Mercury.

Question: Which is the hottest star?

Answer: Sun.

Question: Which is the closest galaxy?

Answer: Andromeda.

Question: Which is the unique planet?

Answer: Earth.

Question: Soil comes from the-

Answer: Latin word solum meaning earthly material.

Question: Which is the hottest star?

Answer: Sun.

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