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Sound Pollution Paragraph

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Question: Imagine sound pollution is a serious problem of our times. You want people’s awareness in this regard. Mention its impact on our environment. Suggest a way to prevent it. (100 words)

Sound Pollution

Answer: Today sound pollution is one of the talked topics of the day. It has reached an unbearable level. The unnecessary use of powerful vehicular horns is the main. source of sound pollution in the City. Besides, faulty vehicles, construction sites. loudspeaker and thousands of workshops let out loud noises round the clock. In the city. millions of people especially children are exposed to sound pollution. This sound pollution will damage children’s power of hearing. Sound pollution is so much harmful that it can cause a wide range of malfunctions in the human body including heart attack, high blood pressure. chronic depression, respiratory disorders, etc, we should take necessary measures to control sound pollution. By developing public awareness and careful town planning sound pollution can be controlled. Strict laws should be enforced regarding sound pollution. The use of hydraulic horns should be banned strictly.


Paragraph on Sound Pollution

When the vibration of sound is at a tolerable and pleasant level, it is called simply sound. But when it is sharp and harsh to the ears, it becomes sound pollution. There are many causes of sound pollution. It is caused by the noisy and intolerable sound of horns of vehicles, miking, music, diesel truck, motorcycle alarm clock, television, etc. The growth of unbar population causes sound pollution. Many problems are caused by sound pollution. Generally, it causes aggression and damages hearing. It also causes high blood pressure, lack of concentration, environmental pollution, etc. Thus sound pollution creates problems in our normal life. Factory work, truck driving, and primary school teaching, etc. are considered to be the noisest occupations. To minimize sound pollution, we have to build mills and factories far away from the locality. Besides, proper implementation of laws and proper steps of government can reduce sound pollution.

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