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Paragraph about The Wheel

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A wheel is around and circular element which is used to move things and articles and different vehicles. It is seen everywhere on like in our cars, planes, cars, trains, machines and in factory articles. The very first wheel man invented was of stone. People use it for transport. With time passed, man-made improved wheels as for their transport or something wants to move. Now it is seen in all things. And the wheel becomes an essential part of life. The invention of the wheel forms the very foundation of human progress. Today, the wheel, rotating on an axle, forms the main principle of every machine, gadget, and engine. The wheel is universal. We cannot think of life without wheels. Whether it is a watch, an engine, a generator, a car, a train, a tram, or a simple bullock cart, there are again wheels and wheels. Without a wheel, all our Industrial and other activities would come to an unending position. The moon and the sun are also round and circular like a wheel in shape. They look like two divine wheels fitted into the celestial car of the universe. The early man must have noticed the circular shape of these luminous heavenly bodies, and inspired to invent the wheel to carry heavy loads from one place to another.

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