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Paragraph About Newspaper

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The word ‘NEWS’ is formed with the initial letters of the following words. North, east, west, and south. The paper on which news is published or printed is called a newspaper. Venice in Europe brought out the first newspaper. During the Mughal rule, a kind of manuscript newspaper was in use in the sub-continent. ‘the Indian Gazatee ‘ published in 1744 was the first printed newspaper. The first Bengali newspaper was, ‘the Samachar Darpan’ published by the missionaries of Serampore. Newspapers are of various kinds-daily, weekly, bi-weekly, fortnightly, monthly, yearly, etc. to a civilized nation, a newspaper is an essential thing. In today’s world newspaper is as important as food and drink. We need morning news as we need breakfast. A newspaper contains all the news and views of the world. It is a source of information of almost everything happening around us, had there been on newspapers; we would have been left completely in the dark. In a newspaper, we find market news. Political news, sports news, etc. in short we may say that it is the storehouse of knowledge. It brings the world to our drawing-room. By giving correct news, it can do a lot of good. But they can also do much harm by giving false news and baseless information. They can also be used for baseless propaganda by political leaders. Newspapers are like mirrors. So, modern life is impossible without it. It gives knowledge and educates us. It is the most effective link among the press, people, and the government.

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