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Newspaper Paragraph

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A paper that carries news is called a newspaper. It is indispensable in our modern life. It is a mirror of the world. It is like a store-house of knowledge. The first newspaper was published in China. In the Indian sub-continent, ‘The Indian Gazette’ was the first newspaper. The newspaper reflects the whole world. We get all types of news and views on it. The sport-loving people get the news of sports in the newspaper. The news of political and economic conditions is available in it. We also get the news of jobs and marriages from the newspaper. The newspaper publishes poems, prose, novels, stories, etc.. A newspaper is a great source of entertainment. It flashes news on new musical albums, films, TV dramas, etc. We get articles of intellectuals, philosophers, politicians, and free-thinkers. Thus it is a great treasure for us. A newspaper is very useful for a student. It helps to widen his horizon of knowledge. It also contains answers to various questions. It publishes supplements on the occasions of national and international issues. Thus it is a helpful source for us. So, everyone should form the habit of reading the newspaper.

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