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Environment Pollution Paragraph

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Environment pollution means the lack of balance among the elements of the environment. Environment pollution is a serious problem. Our environment is polluted mainly for four factors. Water pollution is one of them. Man pollutes water in many ways. They use chemical fertilizers inland. Chemical fertilizers pollute water. ‘Industrial waste, human waste, natural calamities, unsafe drains and latrines, washing powder, water vehicles pollute water. Secondly, is air pollution. Buses, trucks, brick-kilns, mills and factories produce smoke. This smoke pollutes the air. Thirdly, is noise pollution. Horns, microphones, vehicles, industries, primary school teaching cause sound pollution. Finally, comes the odour pollution. The rotten things around us cause odour pollution. Environment pollution causes many problems. Water pollution causes water-borne diseases like cholera and diarrhoea. These two diseases often lead children to death. Air pollution causes pneumonia, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. These three diseases are very fatal, especially for children. The problem of sound pollution is very great. It also damages hearing. The environment pollution must be controlled as soon as possible. We have to raise public awareness. Our farmers should use natural fertilizers. Various types of wastes should. be disposed of in a suitable location. People should be encouraged to build sanitary latrines and safe drains. Careful town planning is needed to lessen sound pollution. Law should be properly implemented to lessen air pollution. So, we all should be aware of this harmful pollution and take effective measures to check it for a Comfortable living.

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