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A Railway Porter

A Railway Porter is a person who carries goods in a railway station for his living. He is quite a known figure in the railway station. He is strong and healthy. He is able to carry heavy loads. He loads and unloads the goods of the train. He wears a red shirt and uses a turban in his hand. Generally, he wears go his arm a brass plate given to him by the railway authority. The brass plate bears his number. A railway porter is very clever. He can easily exploit the passengers. When a passenger falls into trouble and becomes helpless for his heavy luggage, a porter demands a higher charge. He is ill-tempered and quarrelsome. He likes to bargeman with the passengers for a fish charge. If any passenger brings charges against him of his misbehavior, the passenger is sure to be harassed by the porter and his associates. The income of a railway porter is very low. He lives from hand to mouth. It is a matter of great regret that in spite of his great service to the people, he is neglected.

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