What is The planets

The planets: The bodies revolving around the Sun (at the same time rotating on their imaginary axis) are called planets. They have no light of their own but shine by radiating the light they receive from the Sun. they all revolve around the Sun in elliptical orbits. Until about 200 years of age, only six planets were known. Three more planets were discovered later, the latest being Pluto (discovered in 1930) which is now considered a dwarf planet.

Important Notes about the planets:

  • Largest, most massive planet-Jupiter
  • Fastest sidereal rotation-Mercury
  • Most moon (satellites)-Jupiter
  • Greatest average density-Earth
  • Strongest magnetic fields-Jupiter
  • Most circular orbit-Venus
  • Slowest sidereal rotation-Venus
  • Hottest planet-Venus
  • No moons-Mercury, Venus
  • The greatest amount of liquid, surface water-Earth
  • Longest (Synodic) day-Mercury
  • Rotational pole closest to ecliptic-Uranus
  • Tallest Mountain-Mars
  • A planet with moon most eccentric orbit-Neptune
  • Lowest Average Density-Saturn

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