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Vocabulary Test: Part 05 (With Clues)

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01. Identity, pioneer, leader, Man, then, went, combining, student, remember, now, know, then, Design, concept.

Hamidur Rahman was the (a) —who gave shape to the (b) — and design of the Shaheed Minar, by (c) — all the aspirations of Bengali (d) — and nationalism. He was the first art (e) — of Bangladesh who in the 1950s (f) — to Europe and studied at ‘Ecole de Beaux Art’ in Paris. He was the (g) — of the new painting movement in the (h) — Pakistan. But he is most (i) — for his remarkable (j) — of the Central Shaheed Minar.

02. waste, Community, sphere, women, family, returns, educate, Develop, children, welfare, mother, sector.

Education for girls is essential for the development in all (a) — of the society. So, investments in the education of (b) — will bring in greater (c) — in the field of economic and social (d) —. Educated women can contribute more to the family (e) — than those who have no schooling. Educated (f) — are more likely to send their (g) — to school and look after their health and nutrition. Thus (h) — women can contribute to the (j) — development. On the other hand, failure to educate women is a tremendous (j) — of human resource.

03. prestige, huge, education, indicate, invention, instituted, certificate,
division, fame, contribute, treated, material, promote, research.

Every year the Nobel Prize is awarded for outstanding (a) — to the fields of science literature, economics and for the (b) — of peace. It is the world’s most (c) — prize. If there is more than one recipient, the prize money is (d) — equally among the winners. The prize was (e) — by Sir Alfred Nobel, the father of the science of destruction. He (f) — dynamite. Though Nobel was born in Sweden, he was (g) — in Russia. For this important invention, he becomes (h) — all over the world. He earned an (i) — sum of money. The prize is given from the interest of the money. The winners of the Nobel Prize are (j) — with great respect across the globe.

04. Spectacular, massive, remain, round, right, permanent, construction, arrive, know, present, office, Symbol.

In 1884 France (a) — the United States with a gift as a dramatic gesture of friendship. This (b) — gift was in the form of a huge copper statue. It’s (c) — the name is ‘Liberty Enlightening the world’. Most people, however, (d) — it simply as the statue of liberty. The pieces of the statue (e) — in the United States in 214 cases. The French people donated the money for the (f) — of the statue. Grateful, the people of the United States collected the funds for the (g) — granite and concrete pedestal. This impressive monument found an (h) — home on Liberty Island in New York harbor. At 151 feet and 1 inch high, it (i) — one of the largest statues in the world. The monumental lady with the torch quickly became a (j) — of American democracy.

05. Present, even, television, common, BTV, division, treated, material, promote, fame.

Television has become the most (a) — and most widespread (b) — of entertainment of the (c) — world. A wide range of programs of varied (d) — is telecast on (e) — channels. Almost every middle class and (f) — working-class families have a (g) — set today. Television programs are not only entertaining, but they can also be highly (h) — too. For example, television is used for (i) — learning. Courses run by the Open University are shown on (j) — by them.


Ans: 01. (a) man (b) concept (c) combing (d) identity (e) student (f) went (g) pioneer (h) then (i) remembered (j) design

Ans: 02. (a) sectors (b) women (c) returns (d) development (e) welfare (f) mothers (g) children (h) educated (i) community (j) waste

Ans: 03. (a) contribution (b) promotion (c) prestigious (d) divided (e) instituted (f) invented (g) educated (h) famous (i) huge (j) treated

Ans: 04. (a) presented (b) massive/spectacular (c) official (d) know (e) arrived (f) construction (g) round/massive (h) permanent (i) remains (j) symbol

Ans: 05. (a) common (b) source (c) present (d) interest (e) numerous (f) even (g) television (h) educative (i) distance (j) BTV

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