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Vocabulary Test: Part 04 (With Clues)

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1. Execution, wretch, prove, wit, spoil, death, anger, unpleasant, happen, knowing.

Once upon a time, there was a King who was very fond of (a) β€” his future from the astrologers. A famous astrologer (b) β€” to stop at his capital on his way to Benaras. The King called on him to know about his future and the astrologer told him something (c) β€”. At this, the King got (d) β€” and condemned him to (e) β€” saying, `Men like you should not live to (f) β€” the peace of the world.’ But another thought had crossed his mind before the astrologer was removed for (g) β€”. `How long will you live?’ asked the King. With ready (h) β€” the astrologer said, `The stars (i) β€” that I shall die only a week before your majesty. So, goodbye’. Hearing this, the King turned pale like a dead man and should, Drive this (j) β€” away, let him not come here again.’

2. go, have, find, Lose, die, bound, way,Β prefer, enjoy, be, Dead, preference, take, consider.

We find changes in amusement and entertainment that (a) β€” taken place over time. Common forms of entertainment like snake charming, puppet shows, jargon which (b) β€” popular in the past are gradually (c) β€” their appeal. They are (d) β€” out. We don’t (e) β€” the existence of many of these. Now people like do (f) β€” T.V. They (g) β€” concert, disco, pop, etc. All the changes that have (h) β€” place today are not (i) β€” good. Sometimes people are (j) β€” to receive some bad aspects of Western culture.

3. discuss, go, Gossip, Cook, neighbor, experience,Β use, bother, Visit, household chores, trouble.

Mrs. Zaman is a housewife. She loves (a) β€”. She lives in an apartment block. There are seven more families in the building. She has an (b) β€” cook. So does not have to do any (c) β€”. Almost every day around eleven O’clock she (d) β€” to visit one of her (e) β€” in the apartments mostly to gossip. Most of the housewives she (f) β€” do not have much domestic help and they (g) β€” this time to cook, clean, or do another household (h) β€”. But Mrs. Zaman does not seem to be (i) β€”. She does not mind (j) β€” the personal matters of one family with another.

4. embrace, introduce, notice, introduction, remain, makes, friend, reputation, noticeable, make, keep, usual, interpreted, control.

The British have (a) β€” for (b) β€” their emotions private. Some obvious things are (c) β€” in British behavior. For example, on public transport one passenger does not (d) β€” talk to another passenger. On meeting, people do not (e) β€” and often simply shake hands on a first (f) β€”. In theatres, concert halls, and cinemas audiences (g) β€” quiet during performances. None of these behavior traits should be (h) β€” unfriendliness. If a visitor (i) β€” the first move to start a conversation, he will find a British citizen rather (j) β€”.

5. Wake, obtain, Expression, Go, till, be,Β moment, integral, perceive, what, by use.

Language (a) β€” an important medium of expression of thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc. We use it from the (b) β€” we wake up in the morning (c) β€” we go to bed at night. We use language not only during our (d) β€” hours but also in our dreams. We use language to (e) β€” what we feel and to say (f) β€” we like or dislike. We also use it to (g) β€” information. In short, language is an (h) β€” part of what we do, (i) β€” and believe. We must avoid (j) β€” bad language.


Ans: 1. (a) knowing (b) happened (c) unpleasant (d) angry/furious (e) death (f) spoil (g) execution (h) wit (i) declare/prove (j) wretch

Ans: 2. (a) have (b) were (c) losing (d) dying (e) find (f) enjoy (g) prefer (h) taken (i) considered (j) bound/compelled

Ans: 3. (a) gossiping (b) experienced/efficient (c) cooking (d) goes (e) neighbors (f) visits (g) use (h) chores (i) bothered (j) discussing

Ans: 4. (a) reputation (b) keeping (c) noticed/noticeable (d) usually (e) embrace (f) introduction (g) remain (h) interpreted (i) makes (j) friendly

Ans: 5. (a) is (b) moment (c) till (d) waking (e) express (f) what (g) obtain (h) integral (i) perceive (j) using

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