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Vocabulary Test: Part 01 (With Clues)

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1. Inspire, take control, paralyzes, earn, try, gallop.

Price of essentials is such a crucial factor that it directly (a) β€”- the life and living of the majority of people. The measures so far (b) β€”- by the government (c) β€”- appreciation from the people. But it is being replaced by despair as the majority of the people have been (d) β€”- under the crushing burden of (e) β€”- Β prices.

2. source, manpower, explore, Provide, concern, employment, independence, recreation, necessary, different, Across, dense, Solution, unemployment.

Bangladesh is a (a) β€” populated country, but a large number of her people are (b) β€”. It is not possible for her to ensure (c) β€” to the teeming millions. Self-employment is a possible (d) β€” to this problem. It means that people themselves should (e) β€” avenues for self-employment. Facilities for training in (f) β€” trades and vocations are available (g) β€” the country. The youths, in particular, can train themselves in any of these trades and turn into a useful (h) β€”. The Govt. also (i) β€” easy loans and counseling with a view to helping them start a (j) β€” earning activity.

3. Β constitute, speed, uphold, become, rise, enslave.

Gender disparity is a barrier to socio-economic development. A society which (a) β€”- its women is sure to lag behind. Women (b) β€”- almost half of the total population of Bangladesh. Without the participation of this bulk of the population, social and economic development is not possible. If women (c) β€”- out of the β€˜Cocoons’ and work with their male partners, the development process will (d) β€”- up. So the elimination of gender disparity is a demand of the day for (e) β€”- human rights.

4. card, take, cause, run, thrive, execute, eat, heard.

Everybody knows that food adulteration is a crime. Adulterated food is poisonous and it (a) β€”- fatal diseases. People (b) β€”- this kind of food fall a victim to liver diseases, cancer, kidney failure, and so on. Some businessmen who are avaricious and (c) β€”- after money only do this heinous work. They (d) β€”- on the miseries of others. They deserve severe punishment. The present Govt. (e) β€”- certain steps against adulteration which really deserves praise.

5. Flower, job, farming, Rising, also, sectors, means, opportunities, engage, create, oneself, easily, rearing, many.

Self-employment means to create (a) β€” an opportunity for (b) β€” by one’s own effort. Various government organizations are trying to (c) β€” a congenial atmosphere for self-employment. Different NGOs have (d) β€” rendered their help. Livestock (e) β€”, agricultural (f) β€”, poultry (g) β€” are some of the (h) β€”. There are many (i) β€” for self-employment in Bangladesh. One can (j) β€” engage oneself in these jobs.


Ans: 1. (a) controls (b) taken (c) can’t earn (d) paralyses (e) galloping

Ans: 2. (a) densely (b) unemployed (c) employment (d) solution (e) explore (f) different (g) across (h) manpower (i) provides (j) independent

Ans: 3. (a) enslaves (b) constitute (c) come (d) rise (e) upholding
Ans: 4. (a) causes (b) eating (c) run (d) thrive (e) has taken

Ans: 5. (a) job (b) oneself (c) create (d) also (e) rearing (f) farming (g) raising (h) sectors (i) opportunities/means (j) easily

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