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Practise Sheet on Cloze Test Without Clues – Part 06

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1. Most of our country (a) —— from poverty. They can hardly keep body and (b) ——together. So, poverty is a great (c) —— in our country. However, this problem is a (d) —— of our own. Again there are many (e) —– who do not work (f) —— to change their condition. They are very averse to (g) ——. But they blame their lot. They do not know that industry is the (h) —— to success. People say that one idle brain is the (i) ——- workshop. So, we should work hard (j) ——- prosper in life.

Ans: (a) suffer (b) soul (c) problem (d) creation (e) people (f) hard (g) work (h) key (i) devil’s (j) to

2. A student (a) —— the habit of thinking about something by himself as no one has ever become great by (b) —— others blindly. When his teacher says something, he should (c) —— to understand it, he should (d) —— about it in his own way. If he does not (e) —— with the teacher on any point, he should boldly (f) —— so to the teacher. A good teacher will never be (g) —— at it. He will rather be glad to (h) —— such an intelligent student in his class. A student should think about the lesson and then (j) —— to memory if necessary.

Ans: (a) have (b) copying (c) try (d) think (e) agree (f) say (g) annoyed (h) have (i) understanding (j) keep

3. Road accidents are daily (a) —— in modern city life. Every year thousands of people die and many more are (b) —— in road accidents. So steps to check road accidents need top (c) ——. The increasing volumes of traffic should be (d) ——. New roads should be (e) —— in cities and towns. Reckless driving should be dealt with (f) —— punishment. Defective vehicles must not be (g) —— to ply on the roads. Driving license should be given (h) —— of specific (i) —— of driving (j) ——.

Ans: (a) phenomenon/occurrences (b) injured/wounded (c) priority (d) controlled (e) made/constructed/built (f) exemplary/severe (g) allowed/permitted (h) view (i) fitness (j) skill

4. Environment plays an (a) —— role in our life. To make our surroundings suitable there is no (b) —— of planting trees. Tree plantation provides fruits, woods, medicine, and (c) ——. For the (d) —— of trees, cultivable land becomes barren. The source of rain is (e) ——. As trees help to (f) —— the balance of our environment. We should (g) —— all to plant more trees. If one cuts (h) ——, he should plant two. Trees are also the (i) —— of income. So we must be (j) —— to plan more and more trees.

Ans: (a) vital (b) alternate (c) foods (d) lack (e) decreasing (f) maintain (g) inspire (h) one (i) source (j) conscious

5. Nature has given her (a) —— to us more generously (b) —— many other countries of the world. Think about out (c) ——. It is soft and (d) ——. Out farmers who have (e) —— simple handmade tools can (f) —— dig, plow, and prepare the soil with them. Whereas (g) —— which is (h) —— and rocky cannot be so easily dug, plowed, and (i) —— we have a great natural advantage too. We can (j) —— most of our lands.

Ans: (a) given (b) than (c) land (d) fertile (e) only (f) easily (g) soil (h) hard (i) prepared (j) cultivate

6. War is a (a) —— to human civilization. In older days war was (b) —— to be warriors. But today all people being civilians have to suffer the (c) —— of war. Nobody can (d) —— from the bombers of the (e) ——. Rich cities, fields (f) —— with green corns and beautiful places are (g) —— to ruins. Even the (h) —— children have to die as a (i) ——. Men women, boys, girls, children all are killed without any (j) —–.
Answer: (a) curse (b) confined (c) curse (d) escape (e) enemy (f) fill (g) lead (h) innocent (i) war (j) reason

7. Civility means polite (a) —— or modesty. It also (b) —— courteous manner. It is a great virtue (c) —— a man. To be well behaved or good manner we (d) —— spend money or wealth. We have to (e) —— willingness to attain civility. We have to (f) —— some code of conduct and (g) —— norms of the etiquette of the society. It (h) —— varies from society to society. However one has to (i) —— good manners in one’s character from an early age. No expenditure (j) —— consciousness is required.

Ans: (a) behavior (b) means (c) in (d) need not (e) have (f) follow (g) learn (h) sometimes (i) form (j) but

8. The (a) —— of a nation is not an easy matter. It (b) —— upon the selfless and noble (c) —— of some worthy sons of the (d) ——. They worthy sons of the (d) ——. They work without rest and often (e) —— praise. While most of the (f) —— are busy with their (g) —— name and comfort, these (h) —— persons live and die to (i) —— the life of their fellow (j) —— richer and happier.

Ans: (a) progress (b) depends (c) deeds (d) country (e) ignores (f) persons (g) own (h) dedicated (i) make (j) easier

9. Illiteracy is an (a) —— to progress. A nation cannot (b) —— if most of its people are illiterate. The (c) —— do not know about their own life. So we should (d) —— our mentality. We should (e) —— away illiteracy and poverty from the (f) —— in this regards the government should take proper steps to (g) —— the problem. The government, as well as the (h) —— people, should (i) —— to spreads the light of education. If we work together. Illiteracy will not (j) —— stay.

Ans: (a) obstacle (b) prosper (c) illiterate (d) change (e) drive (f) from (g) proper (h) literate (i) come (j) long

10. Student life is the golden season of life. This is the time when we should prepare ourselves for the future. The very habits formed in the student’s life influenced the later phases of life. The student should have an (a) —– life. Right (b) —– the student life they (c) —— be careful in (d) —— discipline. It is true that (e) —— the success of life depends (f) —— discipline and perseverance. He (g) —— does not have (h) —— discipline in life cannot succeed (i) —– wherein life. So, everybody should be (j) —— about it.

Ans: (a) planned (b) from (c) should (d) maintaining (e) real (f) on (g) who (h) followed (i) any (j) car

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