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Practise Sheet on Cloze Test Without Clues – Part 05

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1. The Eskimos are the most widely (a) —— group in the world still leading partly(b) —— way of life. They live in a (c) —— that spans more than 35,00 miles,(d) —— Greenland, the northern fringe of North America, and an (e) —— of eastern Siberia. Eskimos are racially distinct from American Indians. They are most closely (f) —— to the Mongolian people of eastern Asia. The Eskimos (g) —— adapted themselves to cold, harsh (h) —— because of their highly inventive skill. They would make (i) —— from almost anything and everything. Most spend the winter in tents in a larger settlement and then (j) —— during summer.

Ans: (a) spread (b) aboriginal (c) region (d) including (e) part (f) related (g) successfully (h) climate (i) inventive (j) things

2. The plane touched down at Katmandu Tribhuvan airport. Masum was no more (a) ——. He was (b) ——- to see what was outside. The door of the plan (c) ——. Everybody stood in a (d) ——– and slowly started to walk towards the airport. The cabin crew (e) ——- every passenger for traveling with Bangladesh Biman. Neela, Becky, and Masum took their hand (f) ——- and walked forward. They looked around with (g) —— and climbed down the steps. The (h) —— looked like a picture and the high (i) —— range in the background was something Masum had only read about in (j)-.

Ans: (a) nervous (b) eager (c) opened (d) queue (e) greeted (f) luggage (g) interest (h) airport (i) mountain (j) books

3. There are three important duties on earth. They (a) —— duty to God, the duty to parents, and duty to mankind. All these (b) —— duties are important because they(c) —— us to go a long way. Duty to God helps us to be favored by God. If we are favored by God, we can (d) —— in life. Duty to parents is (e) —— important because if our parents are (f) —— with us, God will help us to make our life smooth. Duty to mankind is not negligible. We (g) —— be the apple of God’s eyes by (h) —— this last duty. All the great men of the world tried to (i) —— all these duties. So we should (j) —— them to be great.

Ans: (a) are (b) three (c) help (d) succeeded (e) also (f) pleased (g) can (h) performing (i) perform (j) follow

4. Though Bangladesh is not (a) —— country. Too many people live (b) ——, because most of its lands(c) —— fertile and plain. The monsoon causes (d) —— rainfall. The country is crisis-crossed by many (e) —–. The country looks very beautiful (f)—there are green trees and green crops (g) ——. Sometimes they are (h) ——. Then life becomes very difficult and (i) —— need boats for (j) ——.

Ans: (a) big (b) here (c) are (d) heavy (e) river (f) because (g) everywhere (h) under (i) people (j) movement

5. Through everybody (a) —— freedom (b) —— choice, thinking expressing opinion (c) —— working, he has a peaceful society. Every man (h) —— the social responsibility and (i) ——- every person of (j) ——- society obeys it. It has also helped him to (j) —— beautiful things.

Ans: (a) loves (b) of (c) and (d) by (e) regulations (f) equal (g) people (h) has (i) if (j) our

6. Time and tide (a) —– for none. Time goes on and (b) —–. None can get it (c) —–. A man can regain his (d) —– money and health but cannot get back his lost time. Time once lost is lost for (e) ——. So, we (f) —– utilize our time. We must do our work (g) ——- if we put off our work for (h) ——. We may not get time to do it at all. There are some people (i) —— waste of time for nothing. They can (j) —– succeeded in life.

Ans: (a) waits (b) on (c) back (d) lost (e) ever (f) should (g) properly (h) tomorrow (i) who (j) not

7. Truth reigns in the world always. False wood may be (b) —— for the time being, it loses sooner or (c) ——-. Those who are engaged in preaching the truth are (d) —– by the people. Those who feel interested to tell lies can never shine in life. They may prosper seemingly, they cannot be (e) —— it for all the time. Socrates throughout his life was (f) —— in preaching the truth. He tried to make people (g) —– and know what was (h) —— for them. He was troubled by the people. Despite it, he never stopped (i) —– good things. We should (j) —— him.

Ans: (a) prevailed (b) later (c) respected (d) maintain (e) honored (f) encourage (g) good (h) troubled  (i) doing (j) follow

8. Without effort there can be no (a) —— in life. Life (b) —— its interest if there is no struggle. Games become dull, of there is no (c) —— in them and if the result can be easily (d) ——. No matter we win the game or lose it the keener the contest, the greater the (e) ——. A victory is not an (f) —— triumph unless both sides are equally (g) ——-. Whether we like it or not, life is one kind of (h) —— competitive exam. It is not a bed of (i) ——-. Here only the fittest can (j) ——-.

Ans: (a) progress (b) losses (c) competition (d) seen (e) enjoyment (f) real (g) matched for (h) continuous (i) roses (j) survive

9. Everybody knows that food (a) —– is a crime. Adulterated food is poisonous and it (b) —– fatal diseases. People (c) —— this kind of food fall a (d) —— to liver diseases, cancer, kidney failure and so (e) —-. Some businessmen who are unscrupulous and running (f) ——money only do this (g) —– work. They thrive on the (h) —- of others. The citizens have to die an (i) —— death. Men, women, boys, girls, children, and all are (j) —— killed without any reason.

Ans: (a) adulteration (b) causes (c) eating (d) victim (e) on (f) after (g) terrible (h) miseries (i) unnatural (j) actually

10. Most libraries are (a) —— a systematic way that (b) —— it possible to (c) —— any book quite (d) —–. All of the books in a library are organized into (e) —— or classes and then arranged (f) —— within their class. There are two systems (g) —— organizing books in a library. One is called the (h) —— Decimal System and the other is known as the library of the (i) —— System. Most of the libraries (j) —— the Dewy Decimal System.

Ans: (a) arranged (b) makes (c) locate (d) easily (e) categories (f) alphabetically (g) for (h) dewy (i) congress (j) follow

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