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Practise Sheet on Cloze Test Without Clues – Part 04

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1. Our beloved motherland Bangladesh is an (a) —— and severing state. She came (b) —— existence on December 16, 1971. We (c) —— freedom at the cost of three million (d) ——. The lives which are laid down for the sake of the country’s liberty (e) —— dignified lives. The martyred freedom (f) —— snatched away the red sun of independence at (g) —— of an ocean of blood. As they established undying achievement they reign in the hearts of their (h) —–. The countrymen will cherish the memory of hose glorious sons of the soil for (i) ——. In this sense, the millions of martyred freedom fighters are (j) ——.

Ans: (a) independent (b) into (c) achieved (d) live (e) are (f) fighters (g) cost (h) country (i) good/ever (j) immortal

2. Our freedom fighters are the (a) —— heroes of our country. We should (b) —— them as they sacrificed they’re (c) —— for the cause of our motherland. It is a matter of great (d) —— that most of them are (e) —— and our young generation does not know (f) —— the valiant struggle. Yet today many of the real freedom fighters have not been (g) —— and established. Some of them lead (h) —— poor life. The authority in power should take (i) —— step to enlist them and give them (j) —— honor.

Ans: (a) national (b) respect (c) lives (d) regret (e) forgotten (f) even (g) succeeded (h) necessary (j)proper

3. Student life is a life of (a) —— for future struggle. To make him (b) —– for the struggle, education is necessary. So the first and foremost duty of a student (c) —– to prosecute his studies well. He who (d) —— his lessons regularly (e) —– well in the examination. On the (f) —– the student who wastes his time cuts a (g) —— figure. It should be (h) —— in mind that none can get back the (i) —— time. If the students neglect their studies they will suffer in the (j) —— run.

Ans: (a) preparation (b) fit/eligible/worthy (c) is (d) prepares/learns (e) does (f) contrary (g) sorry (h) kept (i) lost/missing (j) long

4. Smoking is a dangerous (a) —— habit. More than eighty percent people of our country (b) —— addicted to smoking. Smoking (c) —— many fatal diseases. It prevents the free (d) —— of blood through the (e) ——. It (f) —— our lungs. (g) —— addicted to smoking lose their appetite. Smoking pollutes the (h) ——. It costs a lot of (i) ——. So this habit should be (j) —— up.

Ans: (a) bad (b) are (c) causes (d) circulation (e) veins (f) affects (g) people (h) environment (i) money (j) given

5. Students (a) —— the future hope and strength of the country. Much depends upon how they (b) —– their time and energy now. They (c) —– in the first place, to acquire knowledge, experience, and wisdom. Secondly, they have to look around and (d) —— the conditions of the people, their habits and customs and (e) —– in what direction reforms (i) —– necessary. The students are often compared to the buds and before buds are fully (g) ——. They should not (h) —– into politics. They should not (i) —– the player into the hands of the so-called politicians who (j) —— then for their purposes.

Ans: (a) are (b) spend (c) have (d) knowledge (e) see (f) is (g) bloomed (h) enter (i) remain (j) use

6. Teaching is a suitable profession for women (a) —— it helps them to (b) —— up their career and looks after their family. Very few people (c) —— the amount of work that a teacher (d) —— to do in fact, a teacher does a lot of work like (e) —— classes. Examining the answer (f) —— for the students. A good teacher has to study a lot to know the latest development regarding teaching opportunities for (g) ——  development exist equally for everyone in teaching. Yet due to social (h) —— family circumstances, it often (i) ——  difficult for women to (j) ——  them.

Ans: (a) career (b) build (c) know/think /realize (d) has (e) taking (f) scripts (g) professional (h) and (i) remain/become (j) take

7. The 16 the December is a (a) —– day of the history of Bangladesh. On this day we achieved (b) —–. Bangladesh came into being at the cost of a bloody (c) ——. It occupied a place as a (d) —– a country on the world map. Every year we (e) —– the day with great solemnity. The day (f) —— us the supreme sacrifice of our heroic sons. The day (g) —–with a gunshot. The whole (h) —— wears of a festive look. The national (i) —— is hoisted on the top of each (j) ——.

Ans: (a) victory/memorable (b) independence (c) struggle/war (d) independent (e) observe/celebrate (f) reminds (g) starts/begins (h) country (i) flag

8. The 21st February (a) —– a memorable day in our life. On this day in 1952 the martyrs (b) —- down their lives for the mother tongue. We (c) —— this day with great honor. The day is a government holiday. On this day our national flag (d) —— flying half-mast. Meetings and assemblies of different kinds are (e) —– and every Shaheed Minar is (f) —–with flowers. Those who (g) —— down their lives for the mother (h) ——- is immortal. Now the day has been (i) ——- international Mother Language (j) ——–.

Ans: (a) is (b) laid (c) observe/celebrate (d) keeps (e) arranged/held (f) covered (g) laid (h) tongue (i) recognized (j) day

9. The Bangladeshis are (a) —— all over the world for their traditional hospitality. The Bangladeshis may be poor in (b) —— but are (c) —— in the heart. The home of a  Bangle is open to a (d) ——. So entertaining a guest has become an (e) —— of Bengali culture. Whenever anyone (f) —— our house, we try our best to please him or her. Certainly, guests are (g) —— with most care. A guest may (h) —— at our residence for a longer period. During their stay,(i)—short or long the (j)—takes care of his guest.

Ans: (a) famous/known (b) condition (c) generous/rich (d) foreigner (e) tradition (f) visits (g) entertained (h) stay (i) either (j) most

10. The economy of a country largely (a) —— on its population. But if it (b) —— rapidly. The standard of living in the country declines. Because the increasing population eats (c) ——- the additional growth of (d) —— economy. Nevertheless the population of the country (e) —– her manpower and is (f) —— a resource that (g) ——- a vital role in her economic sphere. Without adequate human resources, the other resources of the country will (h) —— under-utilized and to that extent, her economic development will remain unsatisfactory. A large population (i) —— rise to large demand in manufactured goods. At the same time, it can meet that demand by engaging itself in increasing productive (j) —–.

Ans: (a) depends (b) grows (c) up (d) the (e) is (f)  an  (g) plays (h) be (i) causes (j) capacity

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