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Practise Sheet on Cloze Test Without Clues – Part 03

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Complete the following passage using suitable words. Use only one for each gap:-

1. In our country women are the (a) —— sufferers. When a girl is (b) —— to the parents, it is not (c) —— as good news. It is the (d) —— of the parents that a daughter will only (e) —— to their sufferings. So they do not like to send her to school for education. Thus being (f) —— of the light of education she (g) —— at home for doing (h) —— work. Finally, her parents remain greatly (i) —— to marry her off before she attains (j) ——.

Ans: (a) worst (b) born (c) regarded (d) idea (e) add (f) deprived (g) stays (h) household (i) anxious (j) maturity

2. It is a fact that complete (a) —— does not exist in worldly life. A man (b) —— have all things that he desires in(c) ——. It is better not to seek (d) —— happiness. Rather one should be satisfied with (e) —— one gets. Contentment is the key (f) —— to happiness. One should not always (g) —— about what he had and what he does not (h)—because by doing so a man (i) —— frustrated and depressed. Some people think that it is (j) —— that brings happiness and happiness could be bought.

Ans: (a) happiness (b) may (c) life (d) absolute (e) what (f) element (g) think (h) have (i) becomes (j) money

3. Liberty does not (a) ——— upon a people. People must (b) —— themselves to it. It (c)  —— a fruit that (d) —— be earned before it (e) —— be enjoyed. That freedom means freedom only from foreign rule (f) —— an ancient idea. It (g) —— not merely government that should be free, but people themselves (h) —— be free. And no freedom (i) —— any real value for the common man or woman unless it also (j) —— freedom from want, disease, and ignorance.

Ans: (a) descend (b) raise (c) is (d) can (e) is (f) out worth (g) is (h) should (i) has (j) means

4. Man is a rational being (a) —— wisdom, intellect, and sense of self-respect. He had immense (b) —— in himself. It keeps him aloof from all sorts of evil (c) ——.To become an ideal man he should (d) —— the feelings of others and (e) —— his utmost for the greater welfare of (f) ——. It is not at all (g) —— that a man should remain busy only with his own (h) —— and materialistic obsession. With a view to (i) —— the society, he should come forward with sincerity and (j) ——.

Ans: (a) creature/having/with  (b) potential/power  (c) deeds (d) have/develop  (e) try (f) mankind (g) desired (h)business (i) serving  (j) devotion

5. Mobile phone is an important (a) —— of communication and correspondence. It helps to (b) —— with people of distant places in the (c) —— possible time. The use of mobile phones is more (d) —— than that of the land phone. The person who (e) —— the message is to pay the bill. The (f) —— can respond to any call without any cost. The mobile phone has (g) —— the communication system. People of all (h) —— of the society become benefited through the use of the mobile phone. But sometimes criminals keep their (i) —— by using a mobile phone. Despite that, the mobile phone is a (j) —— modern civilization.

Ans: (a) means (b) communication (c) shortest (d) effective (e) sends (f) receiver (g) changed (h) walks/spheres (i) communication (j) wonder

6. Man is the architect of his fortune. If he makes an (a) —— division of his time and does his duty (b) ——, he is sure to prosper in life. But if he does otherwise, he is sure to repent when it is too (c) ——.To kill time is as culpable as to commit (d) ——, for our life is nothing but the sum total of hours (e) —— and years. Youth is the golden (f) —— of life. If we lose the morning hours of (g) —— we shall have to repent (h) ——. If we sow good (i) —— during the sowing time, we shall reap (j) —— when we grow up.

Ans: (a) proper (b) accordingly (c) late (d) suicide (e) days (f) season (g) life (h) afterwards (i) seeds (j) harvest

7. Most students learn (a) —— by rote taking them from a common (b) ——. I think this is again a wrong(c) —— of preparing for a (d) —— for one thing it’s not good (e) —— things without understanding or thinking about them. You become a parrot. Another reason is that examiners get bored when they find almost the same answers in all the (f) ——. You can’t blame them if (g) —— don’t give you good (h) ——. If you were an (i) —— you would do the (j) ——.

Ans: (a) answers (b) sources (c) way (d) exam (e) memorizing (f) answers (g) if (h) marks (j) same.

8. Mother Teresa is a great (a) ——- and Philanthropist, was (b) —– on August 2, 1920, in Albania of Yugoslavia. Her real (c) —— was Agnes Teresa. She had her (d) —– at a government school in Albania. In 1928 Agnes (e) —– to Kolkata to do some (f) —– work and later took Indian (g) —–. Then she devoted and (h) —– herself to the service of sufferings and distressed humanity. She (i) —— the Missionaries of Charity in 1950 and Nirmal Hridaya in 1954 in Kolkata and was (j) —– as a mother.

Ans: (a) humanist (b) born (c) name (d) schooling (e) came (f) missionary (g) citizenship (h) dedicated (i) set up (j) known

9. Patriotism is a (a) —– virtue. It is an inherent instinct in human nature. A Muslim (b) —– it as a part of his faith. It (c) —– a man to shed every drop of his blood to (d) —–the liberty and honor of his country. A person who (e) —– not love his country is a brute. A true patriot (f) —– day and night for progress of his country (g) —— patriotism however is bad. A man like Hitler (h) —– such narrow patriotism did a lot of harm to mankind. So patriotism is not enough. We (i) —– have no hatred or malice towards anyone. A true patriot (j) —— the freedom of others as of his own.

Ans: (a) noble (b) takes (c)creates (d) keep (e)does (f) works (g)False (h)took (i)must  (j) values

10. Poverty (a) ——- a great problem in our country. But we hardly (b) —— that this miserable (c) —— is our creation. Many do not try to (d) —– their conditions using hard and profitable business. They only (e) —– their miserable lot and (f) ——-their fate. We must (g) —– this lethargy and aversion to physical labor. Man is the architect of his fortune. If we (h) —– this wise saying and (i) —– in the way of life with firm steps, our poverty and misery will (j) —– and peace and happiness will be our constant companion.

Ans: (a) great (b) think /realize (c) condition (d) change/better  (e) bemoan (f)curse (g) shake off (h) remember (i) advance (j) disappear

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