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Practise Sheet on Cloze Test Without Clues – Part 02

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Complete the following passage using suitable words. Use only one for each gap:-

1. Computer was not invented (a) ——. It took a long time and hard (b) —— to invent the computer. Many votaries of science (c) ——– hard for years together and finally came out (d) ——. The computer cannot work (e) ——-. It works based on the (f) ——- given by the operator. It is used in our daily life for (g) —— purposes. It has (h) —— our work, (i) —— our life comfortable. Nowadays doctors are also using computers to (j) —– a disease.

Ans: (a) overnight (b) invent (c) work (d) labour (e)successful (g)itself (h) command (g)various (h) lessened (i) make  (j) diagnosis

2. Drug addiction has become (a) —— national problem in our country. A (b) —— attraction for some harmful things maybe (c) —— as addiction and the materials which cause (d) —— in men are called drugs. Drug addiction is spreading lie (e) —— in Bangladesh. The number of addicts is being (f) —— rapidly. The drug carries the addict to an unreal (g) —— of dreams. This is called (h) ——. Religious and social values must be taught (i) —– early childhood. A countrywide campaign (j) —– drug addiction should be undertaken immediately.

Ans: (a) great/major (b) indomitable/immense (c) defined/called (d) stimulation/addiction (e) epidemic (f) increased (g) world (h) illusion/hallucination (i) from (j) against

3. Einstein (a) —– lonely and (b) —– in his childhood. He (c) —– to play by himself in the (d) —– and woods. The school was an unpleasant (e) —– for him. He was (f) —– by how war (g) —– were taught at school. At the age of fifteen, he went to Milan with his family. In Italy he (h) —– free for the first time. He (i) —– through the countryside, visited museums and (j) —– galleries, attended concerts, and read books.

Ans: (a) was (b) unhappy (c) liked (d) parks (e) place (f) disgusted (g) strategies (h) fell (i) traveled (j) art

4. English is a widely (a) —— language. In our country we (b) —— it as a (c) —– language. It is not our (d) —– tongue. Naturally, it is very (e) —– to learn. So, we have a very poor (f) —– on this language. As a result, we do not get (g) —– interest in this (h) —–. For all these (i) —— English is difficult for us to (j) ——-.

Ans: (a) used (b) learn (c) foreign (d) mother (e) difficult (e) command (g) much (h) language (i) reason (j) learn

5. English is an (a) —– language (b) —– almost all over the world. People (c) —– English can express their ideas everywhere in the world. Tourism is an industry (d) —– cannot work (e) —– if there is not any (f) —– language for the mutual expression of ideas and views without (g) —– much. English and without proficiency in this language you cannot (h) —– all over the world. But you will be in (i) —– barriers. To overcome these difficulties, you have to be (j)—to listening and speaking.

Ans: (a) international (b) used (c) knowing (d) that (e) properly (f) common (g) being (h) travel (i) language (j) accustomed

6. Examination is very important in a student’s life. If justifies a student’s (a) —– no student can be (b) —– to next class without examination, so every student (c) —– hard to pass the examination. There are many ways to do (d) —– in the examination and meritorious students follow these ways. Subject (e) —– is not all things to approach the exam. One may gather much (f) —– about his subject but if he cannot (g) —– his performance in the examination in such kind of knowledge is (h) —–. He (i) —– be very practical in the examination which is also a (j) —– thing.

Ans: (a) quality (b) promoted (c) tries (d) well (e) knowledge (f) knowledge (g) show (h) valueless (i) must (j) important

7. Friendship is not only a (a) —– but also an innate relationship between two men. A real friend understands you (b) —– and takes the share of your job and sorrow. But an acquaintance does not do the (c) ——. At the same time of you your sorrow he (d) —— be by your side. He (e) —— not know your parents and he won try to know their identity. On the (f) —— you real friend must be curious about every information about them. He must mix and talk to them (g) ——.When an acquaintance comes to your home, he will bring gifts and will act (h) —— as a guest. But your real friend helps you in your (i) —–. So, we have to be (j) —— of friendship.

Ans: (a) name (b) well (c) same (d) may (e) may (f) contrary (g) happily/cordially (h) likes (i) kitchen (j) conscious

8. Foreign aid is (a) —– for our economy. (b) —– foreign aid we can’t progress. We can’t(c) —— our developmental programs (d) —— financial (e) —– from other developed countries. Sometimes we (f) —– sufficient assistance. But sometimes we (g) —– nothing. But that is not the (h) —— problem. The main problem is that the donor countries impose conditions that must be fulfilled. If we (i) —— to receive their help. And Alas! if we follow their suggestion then we can’t (j) —– very much.

Ans: (a) essential (b) without (c) continue (d) without (e) help (f) need (g) get (h)only (i) want (j) develop

9. Garment sector is playing an (a) —— role by earning a lot of  (b) —— exchange. At the (c) —— time, it has opened the scope of (d) —— for the unskilled workers, especially for women. Though it has paved the way for economic (e) —— for the women, the working (f) —— is not suitable to them. As they (g) —— to work for an (h) —— shift, they are bound to (i) —— most of the time at their working place. For unhygienic atmosphere, they are (j) —— from various kinds of disease.

Ans: (a) vital (b) foreign (c) same (d) employment (e) solvency (f) place (g) have (h) long (i) stay (j) suffering

10. Honesty is a (a) —— virtue. Helps a man to (b) —— in life. An honest man is (c) —— and honors all. Nobody (d) —— a dishonest man. A man may be eminent (e) —— means of dishonesty but that is short-lived. A dishonest man (f) —— in the long run. So we should (g) —— to be honest (h) —— truthful if we (i)—to be respected (j) —— honored.

Ans: (a) great (b) succeed (c) loved (d) believes (e) by (f) suffers (g) try (h) and (i) want (j) and

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