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Practise Sheet on Cloze Test Without Clues – Part 01

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Complete the following passage using suitable words. Use only one for each gap:-

1. Books are men’s best (a) ——– in life, you may have many good friends, but you do not (b) —— them when you (c) ——- them. They may not always (d) —— to you with sympathy. One or two may (e) —— false and do you much (f) ——. But books are always ready to be your (g) ——. Some books will (h) —— you laugh some others will give you much (i) —–. Again some books will bring new knowledge and ideas. They are your (j) —— friends thought out your life.

Ans: (a) friends/companions (b) find (c) need/want (d) come (e) prove/be (f) harm (g) make (h) make (i) pleasure (j) real

2. A flower is the best (a) —— of nature. It is a (b) —— of purity and beauty. It gives us (c) ——. There is nobody but (d) —— a flower. Its sweet smell (e) —— is one to all. Nowadays, flowers are (f) —— in our country. Many people earn their (g) —— by flower cultivation. Today (h) —– people (i) —— their houses with flowers to enhance beauty. At present flower, exhibitions are (j) —— in our country.

Ans: (a) gift (b) symbol (c) pleasure (d) likes/loves (e) flower (f) cultivated/grown (g) livelihood (h) many (i) decorate (j) held

3. A student, who (a) —— the best seeds in his life, is ideal. He is (b) —— to his parents. He never (c) —— with his brothers and sisters. He is (d) —— to his neighbors. He learns his lessons (e) —— and never keeps himself aloof from the institute. He is obedient to his teachers and (f) —— note what his teachers say. An ideal student (g) —– good use of his time. He (h) —— his leisure time in reading good books and newspapers. He (i) —— a good company with good boys. An ideal student helps classmates in (j) —— their difficult lesson.

Ans: (a) sows   (b) devoted (c) misbehaves (d) obedient (e) regularly (f) makes (g) tries to (h) passes/enjoys/spends (i) likes/loves/wants   (j) solving/understanding

4. Afforestation means the preservation of trees. It is an (a) ——- to deforestation. Trees and plants are part and (b) —— of the environment. Ecology fully (c) —– on trees and plants. The country will (d) —– into desert unless there are trees. The trees help to (e) —– the soil from erosion. Floods can (f) —— affect those areas covered with trees. Storms cannot (g) —— its forcefully on the places (h) —— there are trees. However, the trees are so (i) —— that it is impossible to think of life (j) —– it.

Ans: (a) opposite (b) parcel (c) depends (d) turn (e) protect (f) hardly/rarely (g) impose/force (h) where (i) important (j) without

5. Bangladesh is a country (a) —— an area of 147570 square kilometers. It is (b) —— with more than 140 million people. About 1000 people live per (c) —— kilometer. So it is a (d) —— the populated country now. The present growth rate is very (e) —— which should be (f) —— immediately. If this rate (g) —— on unchecked, Bangladesh will (h) —— a great problem. So everyone should come (i) —— to (j) —— public awareness.

Ans: (a) having/with/covering (b) populated (c) square (d) densely (e) high (f) controlled (g) goes (h) face (i) forward (j) raise

6. Bangladesh is a darling child of nature. Nature has (a) —— her with unique beauty. Really, no (b) —— a country in the world is so (c) —— with natural beauties as Bangladesh is. She is noted for her (d) —— beauty, golden crops of paddy, and (e) —— leaves of trees. The six seasons of the year (f) —— by turns marking Bangladesh a land of beauty, variety, and plenty. Her rivers present her a (g) —— beauty, particularly in the rainy season. The boats (h) —— on the rivers under multi (i) —— sails also present a (j) —— sight.

Ans: (a) blessed (b) other (c) rich (d) natural (e) green (f) coming (g) natural (h) playing (i) colored (j) beautiful

7. Bangladesh is a small country but has an (a) —— population. Most people here live below the (b) —— line and cannot, therefore (c) —— to educate their children. Many poor children (d) —— drop out of school after just a few years or simply do not go to (e) —— at all. Despite this situation, we have far too many (f) —— to educate compared to the number of (g) —— available. Bangladesh needs schools, colleges, and (h) —— to provide for the increasing number of (i) ——. But owing to financial and resource constraints, the government cannot fund the (i) —— number of educational institutions.

Ans: (a) huge (b) poverty (c) afford (d) often (e) school (f) children (g) institutions (h) universities (i) students (j) vital

8. Bangladesh is in South Asia on the (a) —— of the Bay of Bengal. It is (b) —— by India (c) —— three sides. She has been independent (d) —— 1971. The religions in Bangladesh are Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and (e) —–. She has an (f) —– climate. Families are usually (g) —— by males. (h) —— monogamy is practiced and people like to live an (i) —— family. I am (j) —— of my country.

Ans: (a) shore (b) surrounded (c) on (d) in (e) Christianity (f) moderate (g) run/maintained (h) here (i) extended (j) proud

9. Books introduce us (a) —— the best society. They bring us into the (b) —— of the greatest minds that (c) —— ever lived. We hear what (d) —— said and did we see (e) —— as if they were (f) —— alive. We are participator (g) —— their thoughts, we sympathize (h) —— them, (i) —— with them and we feel as if we were a measure, actors.  The great and good men (j) —— not die even in this world.

Ans: (a) to/with (b) writing (c) have (d) they (e) then (f) still (g) in (h) with (i) speak (j) will

10. Computer was not (a) —– overnight. It took a long time and hard labor to (b) —–computer. Many votaries (ভক্ত) of science (c) —– hard and (d) —– computer. The computer cannot (e) —– itself. It works based on the command (f) —— by the operator. It is (g) ——- in our daily life for various purposes. It has (h) —— our workload and (i) —— our life easy. Today the doctors use a computer (j) ——- a disease.

Ans: (a) invented (b) invent (c) work (d) invented (e) work (f) given (g) used (h) lessened (i) make (j) diagnosis

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