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Exercises of Prefix and Suffix

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Complete the text by adding suffixes and prefixes or both with the root words.

1. Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) is the last prophet of Allah and the (a) lead of all prophets. He is the greatest of men and (b) teach ever born on the earth. Before his birth, Arabia was steeped in (c) dark, ignorance, and superstition. The Arabs were ignorant and wicked and they led (d) beast lives.¬†They were (e) worship of many gods and goddesses. He got no opportunity for learning. But he was taught much higher things than books ‚Äď knowledge by nature and the (f) seen hand of Allah. ¬†From his (g) boy he was (h) thought, honest, and (i) truth. He was called Al-Amin or the (j) trust one.

Answers: a. leader b. teachers c. darkness d. beastly e. worshippers f. unseen g. boyhood h. thoughtful i. truthful j. truthful.

2. Ours is a big (a) industry area in the country. Life of our area is (b) frequently paralyzed due to the failure of electric supply.  The (c) own of both of the factories and industries are having a crucial time because their (d) product have been hampered much due to frequent (e) fail of electric supply. But they have to pay the wage (f) regularly. Moreover, when there is (g) dark all around, thieves and anti-social people get the opportunity to steal anything. As a result theft, (h) robber and other anti-social activities have increased. We have (i) frequent attention to the local WAPDA office but of no use. We, therefore, draw the attention of the WAPDA to look into the matter and (j) sure the regular supply of electricity in our locality.

Answers: a. industrial, b. frequently c. owners d. productions e. failure f. regularly g. darkness h. robbery i. frequently j. ensure

3. The motive behind all (a) invent is to make human life (b) comfortable. But if they are not used (c) properly, they become the source of (d) comports (behave). Similarly, loudspeaker was invented to reach the voice of the (e) speak to all the audience in a function. But nowadays this (f) use instrument has turned into an object of annoyance. The students are the worst (g) suffer as they fail to concentrate their attention on study. The owner (h) entire forget that the (i) education institutions, offices, hospitals, and other (j) organizes are situated on the streets.

Answers: a. inventions b. comfortable c. properly d. discomfort e. speakers f. useful g. sufferers g. entirely h. entirely i. educational j. organizations

4. (a) Fail in English in our country is a common matter. There are many reasons for the failure of the students in English and the reasons are not far to seek. (b) First, our educational system is (c) defective. The English textbooks for the students of our country are not (d) suit for them. Secondly, the students are not motivated/inspired to learn English. They think that it is (e) necessary to spend time learning English. Moreover, as English is a foreign language it is very difficult to learn. So they (f) like learning English. They think it is a mare (g) waste of time. Thirdly most of the English (h) teachers are not good at English. They are (i) competent. Fourthly the students only cram the answers. In the exam hall, they forget what they have crammed. So the answers they write are (j) correct.

Answers: a. Failure b. Firstly c. defective d. suitable e. unnecessary f. dislike g. wasting/wastage h. teachers i. incompetent j. incorrect

5. Slum (a) dwell are (b) root people. (c) Actual they are rootless and they have to take shelter under different circumstances. They live there in a (d) human condition. They are deprived of all kinds of human rights. About 80 percent of the slum dwellers suffer from hunger, (e) nutrition, and different types of diseases. As a result, many of them die an (f) mature death and the others fight with the death. They live in a society of (g) lawlessness and violence. They are exploited by so-called political (h) lead for organizing hotels, picketing, damaging vehicles, etc. The govt. and NGO welfare (i) organize should come forward to (j) habilitate them.

Answers: a. dwellers b. rootless c. actually d. inhuman e. malnutrition f. premature g. lawlessness h. leaders i. organizations j. rehabilitate

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