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Exercise of Transformation of Sentence

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S.N.  Questions of the Transformations  Answers of the Transformations
1 I would as soon die as injure you. (Comparative) I would die sooner than injure you.
2 He is as intimate to me as to you. (Comparative) He is not more intimate to you than to me.
3 There is no mystery as great as misery. (Comparative) Misery is greater than any other mystery.
4 He is at least as competent as any other man. (Comparative) He is not less competent than any other man.
5 O what misery is in store for me! (Assertive) Great misery is in store for me.
6 How charming!  (Assertive) It is very charming.
7 Woe to the traitor to his country! (Assertive) Let woe befall the traitor to his country.
8 I rejoice that my friend is coming.  (Exclamatory) Hurrah! My friend is coming.
9 Good morning! Mr. Bose.  (Assertive) I wish you Mr. Bose Good morning.
10 Away with you. You rogue! (Assertive) You are a rogue and must go away at once.
11 The spectators cried out that it was a capital hit.  (Exclamatory) ‘Capital hit!’ Cried out the spectators.
12 Had I but a friend to support me! (Assertive) I wish I had a friend to support me.
13 I am very desirous of the meeting of meeting you once more. (Exclamatory) Oh, how much I desire to meet you once more!
14 It is shameful that he does not look after his old father.  (Exclamatory) Fie! He does not look after his old father.
15 He tried all plans. (Negative) He left no plan untried.
16 No one can deny that he is a good musician. (Affirmative) Everyone admits that he is a good musician.
17 It is not always easy in the company to speak frankly. (Affirmative) It is often difficult in the company to speak frankly.
18 Every rose has a thorn. (Negative) There is no rose without a thorn.
19 The bailiff would not wait any longer. (Affirmative) The bailiff refused to wait any longer.
20 This was not the last attack. (Affirmative) More attacks followed.
21 I was not sure that he would come. (Affirmative) I was doubtful if he would come.
22 He loves you. (Negative) He is not without love for you.
23 He always minds his lessons. (Negative) He never neglects his lessons.
24 It always pours when it rains. (Negative) It never rains but pours.
25 He is competent for the post.  (Negative)) He is not incompetent for the post.
26 You are the only person fit for the post. (Negative) No other person but you are fit for the post.
27  I come here for the last time. (Negative) Never again I shall come here.
28 In all respects this morning was like any other. (Negative) This morning did not differ from any other in any respect.
29 Everybody will admit that I am right. (Negative) Nobody will deny that I am right.
30 He will probably arrive. (Negative) It is not improbable that he will arrive.
31 Why waste time? (Assertive) It is no use wasting time.
32 There is no use of this statue. (Interrogative) What is the use of this statue?
33 Their glory can never fade. (Interrogative) Can their glory ever fade?
34 Fair words are of no avail in times of danger. (Interrogative) Of what avail are fair words in times of danger?
35 It does not matter if I fail. (Interrogative) What does it matter if I fail?
36 There is no hope for me if you do not come. (Interrogative) Is there any hope for me if you do not come?
37 Nowhere in the world, you will find a mountain peak higher than Everest. (Interrogative) Where in the world will you find a mountain peak higher than Everest?
38 There is nothing wrong with me. (Interrogative) Is there anything wrong with me?
39 He will go only under compulsion. (Negative) He will go unless he is compelled.
40 Chance and accidents are only aliases of ignorance. (Negative) Chance and accidents are nothing but aliases of ignorance.
41 Jim was always on time. (Negative) Jim is never late.
42 I saw nothing in the bag but husks and dust. (Affirmative) I saw only but husks and dust in the bag.
43 It was the only school for males. (Negative) There was no other school for males.
44 Nobody had seen her smile. (Passive) She had not seen anybody smile.
45 We went to see the launching of the ship. (Passive) We went to see the ship being launched.
46 He wants to do it. (Passive) It is wanted to be done by him/ He wants that it should be done.
47 Perfect, perfect little house! Who could mind the smell? (Assertive) It was such a perfect little house that nobody could mind the smell.
48 Only he who was pure in heart could be perfectly just. (Negative) None but he who was pure in heart could be perfectly just.
49 Both  Rahim and Karim went there. (Negative) Not only Rahim but also Karim went there.
50 A little boy is never guilty. (Affirmative) A little boy is always innocent.
51 There are many people here. (Negative) There are not a few people here.
52 We did not sell much honey. (Affirmative) We sold a little honey.
53 I shall never come here. (Affirmative) I come here for the last time.
54 I have never seen him since then. (Affirmative) Then I saw him last.
55 I shall never warn you. (Affirmative) I warn you for the last time.
56 He has left the village forever. (Negative) He will never come to the village again.
57 I have given up smoking forever (Negative) I shall never smoke again.
58 He came here for the last time. (Negative) He never came here again.
59 Everyone must die. (Interrogative) Who will not die?
60 Everybody has some desire. (Interrogative) Who does not have any desire?
61 An honest man never tells a lie. (Interrogative) Does an honest man ever tell a lie?
62 You have never seen it before. (Interrogative) Have you ever seen it before?
63 It was a good idea. (Interrogative) Wasn’t it a good idea?
64 I know nothing about it (Interrogative) Do I know anything about it?
65 There is nothing better than honesty. (Interrogative) Is there anything better than honesty?
66 Our life is nothing but a walking shadow. (Interrogative) What is our life but a walking shadow?
67 Surely you are not his servant. (Interrogative) Are you his servant?
68 It is of no use now. (Interrogative) Of what use is it now? / Is it of any use now?
69 It was nothing but deceit. (Interrogative) What was it but deceit?
70 You are a great fool. (Exclamatory) What a fool you are!
71 The cat runs very swiftly. (Exclamatory) How swiftly the cat runs!
72 I wish I had the wings of a dove. (Exclamatory) Had I the wings of a dove!
73 He works very nicely. (Exclamatory) How nicely he works!
74 Your book is as heavy as mine. (Comparative) My book is not heavier than yours.
75 The tea is too hot to be drunk. (Negative) The tea is so hot that it cannot be drunk.
76 This fact is too evident to require proof. (Negative) This fact is so evident that it does not require any proof.
77 What a fall was there, my countrymen! (Assertive) There was a great fall, my countrymen.
78 Any branch of knowledge is too difficult to be conquered by perseverance. (Negative) Any branch of knowledge is so difficult that it cannot be conquered by perseverance.
79 I have never seen so beautiful a pearl as this. (Comparative) I have never seen a pearl more beautiful than this.
80 He is too honest to accept a bribe. (Negative) He is so honest that he cannot accept a bribe.
81 The Romans expected to conquer Carthage. (Passive) The Romans expected Carthage to be conquered.
82 He leaped into the water as soon as the ship touched the shore. (Negative) No sooner had the ship touched the shore than he leaped into the water.
83 Besides robbing the passenger, he also murdered them. (Negative) He not only robbed the passenger but also murdered him.
84 Subas balls faster than Ashoke. (Positive) Ashoke does not bowl so fast as Subash does.
85 Who does not know that two and two make four? (Assertive) Everybody knows that two and two make four.
86 Napoleon was one of the greatest European Generals. (Positive) Very few Generals of Europe were as great as Napoleon.
87 If only I could see him reproach him for his ingratitude! (Assertive) I wish to see him reproach him for his ingratitude.
88 It is now time to call over the names. (Passive) It is now time for the names to be called over.
89 Of Jesus’s birth, many tales are told. (Passive) People tell many tales of Jesus’s birth.
90 Every tree is known by its fruits. (Negative) No tree cannot be known by its fruits.
91 I did this before. (Affirmative) It is wrong to say that I have ever done this before.
92 This is too small a thing to pit down. (Negative) This is so small a thing that cannot be put down.
93 A proposal was made by them to hold a meeting. (Active) They proposed to hold a meeting.
94 Friendship is nothing but a name. (Interrogative) What is friendship but a name?
95 He turned all the stones. (Negative) He left no stone unturned.
96 I missed the train. (Negative) I could not catch the train.
97 They solved their problem wisely. (Negative) They did not solve their problem unwisely.
98 What a pity! (Assertive) It is a great pity.
99 It burns the prettiest of any wood. (Positive) No other wood burns so pretty as it.
100 He is less stupid than Apurbo. (Positive) He is not so stupid as Apurbo.


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