Dialogue Between Myself and My Friend on The Reasons of Price Hike and Ways To Solve It

Question: Price hike is now the most talked about topic of the people of all classes, which has made life almost unbearable. You are also finding possible solutions to it. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend, Rakib on what may be the reasons of price hike and how to solve it.

Answer: A dialogue between myself and my friend Rakib about the high prices of essential goods:

Myself: Where are you going Rakib?

Rakib I am going to market to buy some fish and vegetables.

Myself: Do you have any idea about the price of fish and vegetables?

Rakib: I think, they are very high.

Myself: Not only high, the price has already gone beyond the buying capacity of sixty percent people.

Rakib: You are right. But how has this abnormal situation happened?

Myself: Natural calamities, the trick of the dishonest businessmen and the rise of fuel price in the world market are mainly responsible for this evil.

Rakib: What should we do in this situation?

Myself: We should be frugal and careful about using the daily essentials. Side by side, we should try to develop the production of food. vegetables and fruits.

Rakib: I think we should alter our food habit also.

Myself: That’s a good point indeed.

Rakib: Even then I am to go to market. So, let me go. Bye.

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