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Creative Writing on Human Nature

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The world is designed with different types of creations, and human being is the best creation of the Creator because of their proper knowledge of the separation between good and evil. All the creations are talented only for the benefit of humans. Before creating the human being the world was empty. After the revolution, gradually different generations came and they created different eras. All the eras were not equal.

At the beginning of the world, the concept, thinking, nature, and feeling of human beings were full of darkness and dullness. They did not know how to lead a good and proper life. There was no touch of science, romanticism, socialism, ethics, philosophy, politics, and religion. So, they did not feel any guilty to do any devil work; even killing another person. Their natures were violent like wild animals. There was no fire, no cloth, no electricity, and no missionary elements to be used. As a result, their lives were driven under the blackest hole.

There was no presence of fire; so they hunted animals, birds, fishes and other wilders and took them alive or dead without cooking or burning. They stayed in the cave without building their houses. So, they had done wild-like behavior with one another; i.e. sexual relations with many randomly, roaming. They had no light of knowledge. Their lives were full of frustration and obscurity.

Even; there was no existence of culture and civilization. Oh; how ghastly the eras were! Can you ever imagine it! It means unbelievable with the reality though it is real.

Changing is the rule of nature. So, all the things are not alike all the time; and a moment does not stand forever. In a moment when they observed them these are not the real-life and hope. For their benefit and security, they were bound to be united and for their happiness, they started working to invent new things and elements. First, they learned how to make fire from stone. Then they learned to spin dress. Gradually they made a revolution of making brighter life and become real human beings and human nature had changed.

Regularly they have changed themselves from all the daily activities.  There we find a huge revolution in the field of science, philosophy, economics, politics, socialism, criticism, etc. So, the world becomes closer and human life becomes very easier and more comfortable. This revolution gives us peace but, chaise our humanity and kindness.

Do you ever think how harsh we are now! How strict our minds are! It’s unbelievable!

Only for a simple matter, we kill other people without thinking about him; chase the honor of a virgin by raping her; i.e. even after raping she is being killed like a wild animal, with a simple issue we hide another people, kidnap, rob, social crash are very common at present.  We become cruel like the ancient people. It’s human nature that can do anything and change the world in a moment. If it desires, the world will be intended like paradise again if it misuses the gift, the world will be destroyed and be intended like the hell.

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