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Creative Writing on Different Runner

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Everybody is a runner in his/her/its daily life or activities. But the running style is not like a deer or a tortoise; it is totally different and interesting. Actually, without observing or explaining the matter it will be unable to understand or to find out the real runners. We can observe in this way- a man who has much money and wealth always runs towards money and wealth to get more and more and increase his position. Again, a drunker is running to get his drinking element. Gradually, a writer, a poet, a protagonist is running to create a new era and to express his feelings, get much popularity, and increase his creativity. The scientist is running to research a new invention, Politian to get more popularity and loyalty, students to gather much knowledge, earner to earn much, lovers to his beloved. Thus everybody is running to their destination from their position. Without reaching their destination they do not stop running. Even nature is also running. The world is running around the sun, the old generation is running to give the place of others or new generation, a season is running to take another new season, rivers are running towards the sea, seas are running towards oceans, the old era is running to create a new era. There is no limitation of this running and probably nobody knows when it will be stopped. It may be like this if they stop running the world or the universe may be hung or everything will be destroyed. It’s natural and universal.

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