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Tajuddin Ahmad

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Tajuddin Ahmad (July 23,1925-November 3, 1975) was a Bangladeshi politician and statesman who served as the first Prime Minister of Bangladesh. He was a prominent leader of the Bengali nationalist Awami League party, serving as its General Secretary during the critical period of the Bangladesh independence movement.

Tajuddin Ahmad was instrumental in the formation of the Provisional Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, popularly known as the Mujibnagar Government, during the Bangladesh Liberation War. After the independence of Bangladesh. Tajuddin served as Finance Minister till 1974. After the dramatic assassination of President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in August 1975, Tajuddin was arrested by the military government and was murdered by a group of army officers in Dhaka Central Jail on 4 November 1975.

He is widely revered by Bangladesh in 1971 and for being a staunch secular democrat.

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