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Literature Shamsur Rahman

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Shamsur Rahman is undoubtedly the largest living poet of Bangladesh, where more than sixty books of poetry ansiokkaasti. Tunnettu critic, Syed Manzoorul Islam, Rahman speaks of the “made ​​of solid work, which is permanently in the geography and climate of Bengalipoetry changed. He is a new dimension and meaning, he is spirit, which no doubt has been created for him. he gave us the language we did not have. it is true, he has built upon the floor 30 poets, but he has developed the country, study areas they thought too dark exploration, is the new features added to it, landscaped it and the process of his mark everywhere. “critic, ZR Siddiqui describes Shamsur Rahman as someone who is” deeply rooted in their tradition. “In his opinion, Shamsur Rahman,” to draw the language of our time to cross-geography, his range of sympathy, his catholicity, his urgent and immediate importance to us, Shamsur Rahman is unparalleled. ”

Shamsur Rahman has his Honours in English Literature at the University of Dhaka. He had a long career as a journalist and editor of a national daily newspaper, Dainik Bangla. He has received numerous awards including Bangla Academy Award (1969), EkusheyPadak (1977), and Swadhinata Award (1991) was the winner.

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