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Albert John Lutuli

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Albert John Lutuli (c. 1898 – 21 July 1967), also known by his Zulu name Mumbai, was a South African teacher and politician. Lutuli was elected president of the African national congress (ANC), At the time an umbrella organization that led the opposition to the white minority government in South Africa. He was awarded the 1960 Nobel peace prize for his role in the non-violent struggle against apartheid.

The third son of seventh-day Adventist missionary John Bunyan Lutuli and tonya Gumede, Albert Lutuli was born near Bulawayo in what was then called Rhodesia, around 1898. his father died, and he and his mother returned to her ancestral home of grout Ville in Kwa Skukuza (Stanger), natal, South Africa. He stayed with his uncle, martin Lutuli, who was at that time the elected chief of the Christian Zulus inhabiting the Umzinyathi District Municipality mission reserve.

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