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Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein, a salesman who later ran an electrochemical work, and his mother was Pauline nee Koch. Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist who is widely considered one of the greatest physicists of al time. While best known for the theory of relativity (and specifically mass-energy equivalence, E=mc2 ), he was awarded the 1921 Nobel Prize in physics for his 1905 (Annus Mirabilis) explanation of the photoelectric effect and “for his services to Theoretical physics”. He was known for many scientific investigations, among which were: his special theory of relativity which stemmed from an attempt to reconcile the laws of mechanics with the laws of the electromagnetic field, his general theory of relativity which extended the principle of relativity to include gravitation, relativistic cosmology, capillary action, critical opalescence, classical problems of statistical mechanics and problems in which they were merged with quantum theory, leading to an explanation of the Brownian movement of molecules, atomic transition probabilities, etc.

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