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Story on Our Kindness to A Poor Beggar

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Once a beggar came to our house. He wore a dirty dress. He was physically weak and could not speak clearly. He was about to fall down. He told me that he did not eat for all day long and he came to our home with great hardship. I realized his problem. I felt great pity for the man. I did not want to increase his suffering by asking any question. Rather, I instantly brought some food for him. He ate the food to his heart’s content. Then I told him not to leave our home. I discussed the beggar’s problem with my father. My father was also moved to hear of the suffering of the old beggar. I requested my father to arrange necessary medical treatment for the old man on a priority basis: My father complied with my request. The next day, a doctor was called in. The doctor checked up the beggar and, prescribed some medicine. The old beggar took the medicine and came around soon. Then we allowed him to leave our home. On the eve of his departure, we gave him some money and food items. He expressed his profound gratitude to us and went to his house.

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