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Story on Dress Does Not Make A Man Great

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Sheikh Saadi was a great poet in Iran. He used to lead a very simple life. Once on his way to the court of the icing of Iran, he took shelter in a noble man’s house for a night. He was then in a very simple dress on. The people of that house did not deal well with the poet. Rather they showed disrespect and dishonor to him. The poet left the noble man’s house in utter dismay. A few days later. he went there again with a rich dress on. This time he was duly respected and honored by the people of the noble man’s house. They gave him rich food to eat, The poet did not eat the food but he began to put the food in his pocket: Seeing it, the nobleman was astonished. He asked the poet about his mysterious behavior. Then the poet said, “This food is for my dress, but not for me. Had it been not so, I would have been treated in the same manner when I was very poorly dressed.” The nobleman was really sad about this. He begged forgiveness of the poet.


Sheikh Saadi And His Dress

Sheikh Saadi was a great poet. He used to put on a simple dress. Once he took shelter in the house of a nobleman. The nobleman could not recognize him and treated him as an ordinary man. He put on a very simple dress. The nobleman and his servants did not show much honor and hospitality to him. The poet left the house in dismay. On his way back home, he again took shelter in the same house. This time he put on a gorgeous dress. The nobleman received him cordially and entertained him with rich and delicious food. Now Saadi began to put his foods in the pockets of his dress. The nobleman and his servants were surprised to see this. They asked him the reason. Saadi replied that his dress deserved the food. The nobleman understood his fault and begged pardon to the poet.

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