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Story on A Greedy Dog

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Story on A Greedy Dog

Once upon a time a greedy dog stole a piece of meat from a nearby house and holding it in his mouth, he began to cross the river over a narrow bridge. He looked down in the river and saw ‘another dog carrying a piece of meat in its mouth. The dog stopped on the bridge and looked down very carefully. He became greedy to get the other piece of meat. In fact, he saw his own image in the clear water of the river and took it for another dog. So, he howled at the image. Instantly the piece of meat fell into the water. The dog jumped following the piece of meat that was dropping. Alas! he failed to get it. He somehow swam to the other bank of the river and remained unfed.


A Greedy Dog

A dog once stole a piece of meat from a stall. He ran away with it and at last went to a stream. There was a plank across the stream. The dog ran over the plank. When he was running, he looked down into the water and saw his own image. But he thought it was another dog with another piece of meat. Actually it was his own reflection. The dog was greedy. He wanted to get that piece of meat too. So he started barking at the reflection to have the other piece of meat. But Alas! During barking, his piece of meat fell from his mouth in the stream below and the current swept it away. Thus the greedy dog lost his meat and became disappointed.

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