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Report on Your City Was Rocked by Earthquake

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Question: You are a reporter of a reputed daily. Suppose, your city (Dhaka) was rocked by an earthquake.
Now, write a report on it.


Dhaka Rocked by Earthquake

Answer: Staff reporter, Dhaka, 18 March 2016: A medium scale earthquake rocked Dhaka city and some other parts of the country last night at 11:35 pm. It lasted for 7 seconds. According to the National Seismological Institute, the intensity of the quake was 5.6 on the Richter scale. The center of the quake was detected to be in Myanmar some 240 kilometers from Dhaka.

The quack created a serious panic among the city dwellers and the people of the affected places in other parts of the country. Many people jumped off the building and hurt themselves. A number of buildings in old Dhaka have been reported to experience cracks. Police and Fire Bridge have evacuated those buildings.

About 50 people around the country have been reported to receive injury. However, no report of death has yet been received. It was the third quake the country experienced this month. Some director of the National Security Intelligence (NSI), Dr, Hasan said this reporter, “The concern should not be amplified, because although there are a number of fault liner in the geographical area comprising Bangladesh none of them is active enough to pose a major threat.”

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