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Report On the Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone

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Question: Write on a report on the Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone.

Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone

Answer: Kamal Hossain, Dhaka, 25th May 2018: Civilization has advanced at an amazing speed with the advancement of modern technology. The mobile phone is one of the boons of modern science and technology. Only a few years ago people had to wait eagerly for letters from the near and dear ones. Very often they had to fall victim to the harassment of the post office. But now it is a matter of few seconds to communicate with the near ones, however farther he may live. The mobile phone has conquered place and time. Anybody can use a mobile phone at the possible lowest call rate. The mobile phone has also brought the whole world in the grip. But a mobile phone has got some hazards too. Its radiation seriously harms the children and pregnant women. It is also responsible for brain tumor and brain cancer. Prolonged use may damage red blood cells. Besides, it is widely used by terrorists. Hence. the Govt. must take some effective measures to prevent the misuse of mobile phone.

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