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Report on The Slum Dwellers at Kallayanpur and Their Way of Living

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Question: Suppose you are a reporter of a reputed daily. You have interviewed many slum-dwellers about their ways of life. Now write a report on them.

The Slum Dwellers at Kallayanpur and their way of living

Answer: Dhaka city abounds with many slums. These slums are inhabited mostly by the people coming from disaster-prone, the river eroded and manga affected areas. They contribute to the major workforce in the garments, transportation, construction, land development, domestic help, small industries and businesses, and waste management sectors. But their way of living is pathetic.

Kallayanpur slum is one among the slums in Dhaka city. There are as many as 300 shanties in this slum. People live here in unhealthy and inhumane conditions and face the continuous threat of malnutrition, disease, polluted water, lack of safe water supply and sanitation facilities.

For this reason, people always suffer from diarrhoea, cholera and dysentery. At the time of dire necessity, they do not have the help of a good physician. Women and children are the worst sufferers in this slum. Many women have to work as maidservants in order to add to their family income. Children of this slum have no future at all. They are growing up like dogs and apes.

A number of initiatives have been launched by the government, non-government and UN agencies to improve the living condition of this class. But it is an unexpected reality that the dwellers of Kallayanpur slum have no access to the initiatives. Now it is being expected that these programmes, should include Kallayanpur slum and rehabilitate these dwellers.

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