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Report on The Robbery of a Jewelry Shop

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Question: Suppose, you are a reporter for a daily newspaper. Now, write a report on the robbery of a jewelry shop.

Robbery of a Jewelry Shop

Answer: Staff Reporter, Chittagong, 10 August 2018: A robbery took place last night at the city’s Nahar Plaza at about 4 am. The robbers took away jewelry worth about 5 lakh with them. Anwar Hossain, owner of the shop said that he found the lock broken and the cash and showcases ransacked when he opened the shop next morning. He could not confirm how and exactly when the robbery took place. However, a case has been filed in this regard against an unidentified number of persons. Police have arrested two-night guards for interrogation who were on duty on that night. But no clues have yet been found, sources said.

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