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Report On the Outbreak of Diarrhoea/Diarrhea

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Question: A report on the outbreak of diarrhoea.

Outbreak of Diarrhoea

Answer: Sreenagar, 15 June 2019: Our correspondence reports that diarrhoea has broken out in an epidemic form in five villages of Sreenagar. It has claimed four lives and attacked about 500 people in the last few days. The situation is getting worse day by day. The reason for the outbreak of diarrhoea, said the Thana Health Officer, is taking of unwholesome food due to poverty and scarcity of pure drinking water. The diarrhoeal patients are being treated in Thana Health Complex and the serious patients have been sent to Mohakhali Diarrhoea Hospital for treatment. Govt. has sent a medical team with necessary medicines to treat the patients. A few NGO’s have also extended their co-operation to supply food to poverty-stricken people and to treat the diarrheal patients.

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