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Report On the Attack of Birds Flue

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Question: A report on the attack of birds Flue Attack on Poultry.

Bird Flue Attack on Poultry

Answer: Stuff reporter, Gabtoli, 27th December 2013: More than two thousand broilers and layers were gutted underground as bird flue attacked five more poultry firms in Savar areas. Reports are coming of bird flue attack from other regions of the country.

Since its first report of the attack, about twenty thousand chickens have died from it and hundreds of farms have been closed and affected thousands more. Govt. has banned the import of any chicks and eggs across borders and asked for taking cautions in this regard. Authorities are also monitoring the matter so that it does not hit fresh areas and spread over.

However, reports of bird flue attack have affected poultry market causing prices falling down, and lowering of the supplies. Farm owners are having trouble from all sides, getting financial loss and fearing uncertainty about the business. Govt. has decided to provide support to poultry owners to fight bird flu and will also give monetary help to the affected farmers.

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