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Report on Garments Factory on Fire

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Question: Suppose, you are a reporter of a national daily. You are assigned to cover a massive fire in a factory. Now, write a report on it.

Garments Factory on Fire

Answer: A garment factory was burnt completely when a terrible fire accident took place of Mahakhali in the Dhaka city 2nd July 2014 at about 2 p.m. At last five persons were killed and several were severely injured. Eye witnessed said that suddenly they saw fire in the garment factory. Smoke engulfed the entire building. So. the people inside the building could not come out. The fire started from the second floor and gradually it began going up. There were 300 workers in the factory. The Fire Brigade and Civil Defense rushed to the spot immediately to extinguish the fire. But the excessive crowd and narrow roads hampered their activities. Even people from all walks of life joined the rescue operation spontaneously. After working hard for nearly 4 hours the firefighters could bring it under control. The fire claimed the lives of five garments workers. The police took the dead bodies. The injured were admitted into different hospitals and clinics of the city. It is assumed that the fire originated from a short circuit. However, a committee has been formed to investigate the cause of this fire accident.

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