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Report on Frequent Road Accidents

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Question: Suppose, you are a reporter of a reputed daily, Now write a report on frequent road accidents.

Frequent Road Accidents

Question: Road accidents have become very common in our country. We find the news of many road accidents in the dailies. Most of the mishaps take place for careless driving. No one can say that he will reach home without being injured by accident. It seems that all the roads have been made only for the drivers of the automobiles and they are given license to do what they like. The police on duty do not perform their job sincerely. They seem to ignore the fitness of the vehicles. “Safe Road” is now the demand of the people. We do not want to have anybody lament for his/her dear ones due to a road accident. So, the concerned authorities should enforce the traffic rules strictly and give maximum punishment to reckless drivers. The traffic police on duty should be instructed to be more active.

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