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Report On Creating Awareness about Road Safety

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Question: A report on creating awareness about road safety.

Road Safety

Answer: Masum Billa.h. Dhaka, May 2019: Road accidents claim around 10000-12000 lives in the country every year, including 3500 people who are aged below eighteen, speakers said in a roundtable on creating awareness about road safety arranged by safe road movement in the city yesterday. Speaking at the roundtable, speakers said co-ordinated efforts of law enforcing agencies, Red Crescent, different non-governmental and voluntary organizations is needed to reduce the rate of road accidents and ensure better health services to the injured. They also stressed on raising consciousness for compliance with traffic rules, cautious movement of the pedestrians on the streets and carrying the accident victims to the hospitals at the earliest possible time. The speakers also called the government to divide the streets into a number of lanes for slow, medium and fast running vehicles to control road accidents.

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