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Report on Arsenic Pollution in Your Area

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Question: A report on arsenic pollution in your area.

Arsenic Pollution in Mailgram

Answer: Zahid Masan, Bogra, 27th March 2007: The king of poison arsenic has taken the village Milgram, situated in Bogra thana headquarter, in its grip. Most of the tube-wells are affected by this poison. As no attempt on the part of the local Govt. is made to identify the affected tube-wells, people out of ignorance are drinking water from those tube-wells. The adverse effect of this poison has already taken an epidemic form. Nearly one hundred people are suffering from incurable sore in the palms of hands and feet. Many other people, irrespective of children and old people, are more or less affected. As most of them are unconscious about the rules of health, they are heading towards death untreated. It is high time Govt. took necessary measures.

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