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Short Paragraph on Our National Flag

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Question: Write a paragraph in about 80 words on ‘Our national flag’ on the basis of the following information.

  • Symbol.
  • Shape and size.
  • Dignity.
  • Our duty to it.

Answer: The national flag always represents the independence of a country. Our national flag also does to some. Its size is 10:6. It is rectangular in shape. The flag is made of cloth. Its color is dark green. It has a round red color in the middle. It bears testimony of our bloodshed struggle. Our freedom-loving people sacrificed their lives for independence. We should uphold its honor by paying a rich homage.


Our National Flag

Question: Write a paragraph on Your National Flag by answering the following questions :

  1. What is the national flag?
  2. How is your national flag?
  3. What are the significances of different colors of your national flag?
  4. What is the feeling of your national flag?

Answer: A national flag is a special piece of cloth which is the symbol of independence of a country. We are independent and we have a national flag of our own. Our national flag is rectangular in shape. The flag is green in color with a sun globe in the center. The green color signifies the youth, vigor, and vitality of our nation. The blood-red color of the flag signifies the endless sacrifice of our nation for the struggle of liberation. Our national flag is the strength of our national history and I am proud of it.


Our National Flag

Question: Write a Paragraph about ‘Our National Flag’ by answering the following questions.

  1. What does the national flag symbolize?
  2. How does our national flag look?
  3. What is its background?
  4. What is the dignity of our national flag?
  5. How do we feel when we look at it?
  6. How can we uphold its honor?

Answer: Every independent country has a national flag. Ours is an independent country. So, we have a national flag. It is the symbol of our independence and sovereignty. The flag is our pride. We have got it in exchange for a sea of blood. It is rectangular in shape. Its size is 1:6. Our national flag is hoisted in the government offices and educational institutions. The flag is kept half-mast on our national mourning days. The national flag has two colors, green and red. The green is the symbol of youth, freshness, the vigor of our nation. On the other hand, red is the symbol of the blood for which the country is free. It is also a symbol of inspiration. We bow down our heads before the national flag. The flag is our dignity. Now it is our duty to uphold the honor of the flag by doing something noble for our country.

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