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Short Paragraph on A Tea Stall

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Question: Write a paragraph about a tea stall’ using the following keywords:

  • Sight.
  • Drink.
  • Friends.
  • Well-kept.
  • Diseases.

Answer: a tea stall is a common sight either in a town or in a village hat. In town tea stalls are innumerable. There is one at almost every street corner. Tea has now become a popular drink. A tea stall opens early in the morning. It is kept open until the late hours of the night. So one can have tea at any time from morning until midnight. Secondly, a tea stall in a place where friends can meet as in a club. For this, they need not pay anything. A well-kept tea stall is of great service, but an ill-kept one may cause ill health by spreading diseases.


Paragraph on A Tea Stall


  • What is a tea stall?
  • Where is it found?
  • What is sold here?
  • What sorts of customers come here?
  • What do the customers do besides taking tea?

Answer: tea is the most popular drink in the present-day world. A modern man cannot think of starting his day’s work without taking a cup of tea. A tea stall is a place where tea is prepared and served to the customers. It is found both in towns and in village markets. It is visited by people from almost all walks of life. Daily or other papers are found spread on the table in a tea stall. They give the customers good topics for discussion. People of the village gather in a village tea stall and discuss village politics. Many disputes and problems of the village are also discussed here and settled. The manager of the tea stall sits behind the cash box and receives payment from the customers. A tea stall opens early in the morning and remains open until the late hours of the night. Thus we find that a tea stall plays a very important role in our day-to-day life.

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