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Paragraph on Your School Canteen

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  • What is school canteen?
  • Do you have any canteen?
  • How is it?
  • What are the items served?
  • What benefits do you get from the canteen?
  • Who looks after the discipline?
  • Are you satisfied with the service of the canteen?

Answer: The canteen that has been set up only to serve the students teachers and staff of the school is called the school canteen. It is the part and parcel of a school. We are lucky to have a good canteen in our school campus. It is housed in a separate building adjacent to the common room. The canteen opens at 09:00 am and remains open until 06:00 pm. It serves singara, samosa, cake, pasty, bread, banana, tea and soft drinks. They do not sell cigarettes. We are much benefited to have such a canteen in our school because we need not go out of campus to buy our Tiffin. We get it fresh and cheap for from our canteen. The canteen is restricted to outsiders. There is a canteen committee to look after the discipline in and around the canteen. We are happy with the service of the canteen.

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