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Paragraph on Your School Campus

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  • How many buildings are there on your campus?
  • What is the extent of your school campus?
  • Where is the headmaster’s room?
  • Where are the common rooms and the library?
  • What are the main features of your school campus?
  • Where is the tank?
  • What does the principal’s room add?
  • Do you like your school campus?

Answer: Our school is one of the biggest and most famous schools in the country and of course its represent a model for an ideal school. Our school stands on the Buriganga. The campus covers about 50 Acores to land. The school is housed in six four-storied buildings. There is the main gate at the entrance where the gatekeepers control the unauthorized entrance of people and vehicles. The headmaster’s room is in the central building. The southern building is used for official works. The eastern building is used as the laboratory and the library. Student’s common room stands on the north side of the campus. Other buildings around the campus are used as classrooms. There is a large taken at the entrance of our school campus. A large grassy lawn and a garden in front of the principal’s room add to the beauty of the campus. We like our school campus very much.

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