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Paragraph on Your Native Village

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Question: Write a Paragraph about ‘Our Village/Your Native Village’ by answering the following questions.

  1. What is the name of your village?
  2. What is the location of your village?
  3. How many people are there?
  4. What kinds of people are there?
  5. What kinds of communication is in your village?
  6. Do you like your village?

Answer: The name of my village is Mary Gopinathpur. It is a famous village in the district of Gopalgonj. It is quite a large village. It is only ten kilometers and 30 minutes bus-journey away from the district town. There are 10 thousund people live in our village, about 70% of the people are educated. Its communication system is fully satisfactory. There are 2 high schools, several primary schools, 2 madrashas, 2 banks, two post offices, a hospital and a police substation in the village. The village enjoys the services of electricity and telecommunication. Though many people of this village are farmers, many sons and daughters of this soil have achieved high stations in the country. Day by day the village is developing more and more. I am really proud of my village.

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