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Paragraph on Your Favorite Food

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Question: You are Arjuna. Your friend is Rojina. She asks you about your favorite food. Now, write a paragraph telling her your favorite food items.

Answer: Food is the first among all the fundamental needs of human beings. People take. food to satisfy their hunger. Although there is a popular saying “we eat to live not live to eat,” but I like. to eat some food items preferably than others. My favorite food- is rice with mutton and pulses. In the choice of favorite foods mentioned here are necessary for our health. Rice-contains a high amount of protein and pulses and mutton contains a good percentage of fat. Both rice and pulses have high energy content too. Pulses have more minerals than rice. I prefer milk and tea as my favorite drink. Every day I drink a glass of milk after my supper. Milk is another good source of fat and energy. Milk contains a good percentage of mineral I also take tea to refresh myself from time to time. One should eat to maintain health; and energy. So, in short, each and everyone should adopt a balanced eating habit for good health.

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