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Paragraph on Winter Season in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is the queen of nature. Nature has given all her beauty to the country with her own hands. So, it is called the playground of nature. There are six seasons in Bangladesh. In a cyclic order, the six seasons rotate all the year-round. The beauty of nature varies from one season to another. However, I live in the village. I enjoy the winter in a more different way, then the people living in the town. Pausha, Magh— these two months belong to the winter season. But sometimes it lasts longer than two months. The weather in the winter season is very excellent. The blue sky is clear to see. The atmosphere is fresh and clean. In the village, the winter the poor suffer a lot. They are not able to buy warm clothes. However, in winter different kinds of vegetables are available in the village. Various kinds of cakes are made in every house. We enjoy eating this in the morning. The date juice is the popular drink of the winter. Above all, the winter in Bangladesh is very enjoyable.

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