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Paragraph on Waste Management

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Question: Write a paragraph about ‘Waste Management’ by answering the questions below.

  1. What is waste?
  2. What is waste management?
  3. How can the waste be managed?
  4. How can we get rid of waste?
  5. What is necessary for waste management?

Answer: Waste means rubbish that comes out after the use of a thing. Waste management is a process by which we can properly manage to use the unnecessary part of a thing in transforming it into another thing. It includes everything from old and damaged cars to useless cigarette packets. The production and consumption of food, drink, and other necessary things are increasing day by day. As a result, the amount of waste is increasing rapidly and polluting the environment. To prevent the pollution of water, air, and the environment as a whole, we should try to remove the waste. But it is not possible to remove all the waste from the world. We can only reduce the waste gradually if we are more aware of it and make proper waste management. If we can think of burning, burying, and recycling our waste, we shall be able to save our environment by reducing waste to a large extent. We can use some waste as fuel and burn them. We may also use vegetable waste to prepare compost fertilizer for the improvement of soil. In many countries, wastes are recycled and used as biogas for domestic activities. We should try to reduce the growing waste by recycling them to save our environment from pollution.

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