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Paragraph on Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

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The unemployment problem is a great problem in Bangladesh. There are many causes behind it. The first and foremost cause is overpopulation. The country cannot provide this huge population with employment opportunities. There are plenty of natural resources in our country. They are not properly used. This also creates a problem. There are a few mills and factories in this country. Besides, every year two or three mills are closed due to economic loss. Most people are illiterate. They are not involved in productive work. This is another cause. Our educational system is defective. Professional and vocational training is absent in this system. There is no distribution of national wealth. It is also responsible for the problem. Some people think that everything is predestined by God. So, there is no use of try. The problem has many effects. Economic depression is going on throughout the country. The following measures can be prescribed to solve the problem. Firstly, all should be educated. Secondly, more and more mills and factories should be established. Thirdly, vocational training should be introduced in education. Fourthly, national wealth should be equally distributed. Last, of all, the Government should take massive programs to make an unemployment free Bangladesh.

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